The Andrea Cline Culture Award is awarded to a child care worker who serves every child, every parent and every employee with love, care and patience while being trustworthy and faithful to every fellow team member, child and parent!

Congratulations Alycia Nessman for being this years, school year 2021-2022, Andrea Cline Culture Award winner! You have done an amazing job!

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What is Kids Grow Cares?


Kids Grow Cares

Kids Grow Cares is proud to announce we have handed out our first $500 check!  Selena has put in the work & time to become a Lead Teacher and we are thrilled we can continue to honor the legacy of Andrea Cline in this way!

We still have 3 more $500 checks to be given to any Aide or Assistant Teacher who goes through the process to become a Lead Teacher!

Kids Grow Riverwood opened in 2014 and shortly after we hired a loving, caring, patient, trustworthy and faithful young lady, Andrea Cline.  For the next three years she served our children, parents and her fellow employees with love and care.  Late in 2017 it was discovered that she had an aggressive form of cancer and just over a week later passed away.  Her legacy lives through us as we serve parents, children, churches and communities.

To honor her life and legacy we have started a non-profit organization, Kids Grow Cares.  Kids Grow Cares will exist to support employees of the child care industry, families and the communities we serve.

Kids Grow Cares is making a $2,000 commitment to the growth of Kids Grow employees. During the 2022-23 Back-to-School year Kids Grow Cares will pay $500 to each of the first 4 aides or assistant teachers who complete the process of becoming a Lead Teacher.

Andrea Cline Culture Award

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